Here you are, considering whether therapy might be for you, personally, or perhaps for you and your partner. Understandably, you will also be concerned to find a therapist who can meet your needs. This can sometimes seem quite a tall order and I hope that you will find the information provided here helpful.

I am qualified and experienced working with individuals and couples and I can help to advise if you are unsure about whether to begin therapy on your own or with a partner.

In my private practice, I work in the City and in Mayfair, Central London.


Your Concerns

There are many reasons for seeking therapy. You may need a safe space to work through a specific problem or sudden change in your personal life or in a significant relationship. Or you may be concerned with difficult dynamics or destructive patterns and their impact upon your personal well-being and, perhaps, upon the quality of your relationships. 

Each individual and couple is, of course, unique and so is the purpose of each therapy. Therefore, I recommend one or more initial consultations for us to discuss together your particular concerns and the kind of support you may need at this time. With my expertise and training in counselling and psychotherapy, I can help you address a wide range of issues that may affect how you deal with life's challenges and opportunities, in yourself and in your relationships.

I offer counselling and psychotherapy for couples, individual partners and singles.



Individual Therapy


What to Expect


Couples Therapy