Couples Counselling & Therapy

The state of our couple relationship has a profound impact upon our individual sense of wellbeing. This seems to be true, for better or worse: When relationships are working well-enough, this can impact positively on the emotional and psychological state of each individual partner, allowing for a creative feedback loop. But when relationships go wrong or get stuck, this can become a major source of distress and disappointment, leaving one or both partners feeling lonely, frustrated, perhaps trapped, not knowing where to turn, or what to say. 

Couples counselling and therapy can provide a safe space to explore and understand more about how you have arrived at your present state. A talking therapy developed with the couple in mind, it offers a professional perspective on problems with communication, conflict and relationships. Couples counselling and therapy can also help you begin to think about how things may be different and what that would involve, for you and your partner.

Issues commonly brought to couples therapy include:

difficulties communicating

recurring conflict

lack of intimacy







life transitions

Conjoint Therapy

This is a highly specialized and rarely available approach to couple therapy. It is widely accepted that some couples benefit greatly from being seen by two therapists working in tandem in a 'two-by-two' setup.  I offer conjoint therapy with Pierre Cachia, a respected colleague who is a counselling psychologist and psychoanalytic couple therapist and, currently, Head of Clinical Services at Tavistock Relationships.

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