Conjoint Therapy for Couples

The Gold Standard for Supporting Couples:

You and your partner may find being seen by two therapists an attractive alternative to the more common practice of couples sharing one counsellor. This 'doubles' mode of working together can be particularly valuable if, for example, you and your partner struggle with difficult feelings of being left out or blamed in your relationship. The presence of two therapists in the room sets up a dynamic that tends to facilitate the development of understanding and more creative ways of being in the couple relationship. It can also be helpful for addressing gender-related differences and anxieties with great sensitivity.

The methodology I practice has been developed at Tavistock Relationship in London ( It is generally acknowledged to be more effective than standard treatment particularly when couples find themselves in acute emotional distress over deeply entrenched difficulties. As conjoint therapy involves two therapists working with each couple, it is typically more expensive than standard practice couples counselling, which is something to consider.

If conventional couple psychotherapy with one therapist is unappealing to you, or if previous attempts in couple counselling have left you disappointed, then you might wish to consider conjoint couple therapy. Availability of this specialist service is limited; please contact me soonest to discuss options. 

The Team

 I offer conjoint therapy with Pierre Cachia, a respected colleague and a graduate of Tavistock Relationships. He is a counselling psychologist and psychoanalytic couples therapist and currently Head of Clinical Services  at the Tavistock Relationships clinic. 

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